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You've probably heard about the Launch Marketing Roadmap Bundle and clicked in to learn more. 
I’ve helped others raise over $13M+ on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and am excited to tell you more about it!

Typically, game designers put the vast majority of their marketing focus into:

1. reviews/previews for the page
2. pouring money into Facebook/Instagram ads
3. creating a beautiful Kickstarter page.

In reality, your marketing focus should be spent on ALL of this.

Crazy how much there is to just marketing, huh?
For example, I recently worked with FANTASIA GAMES to help launch their game, Endless Winter. 

By the end of the campaign, the game raised over USD$900,000 from over 11,000 backers.
Was this a surprise? 

Absolutely not.

You bet that the marketing for that campaign was planned every step of the way. 

As first time publishers, the success came from daily learning and day-by-day action to market their game along a very set roadmap.

The Big Question: Audience Building

Now, I want to zero in on the part of the roadmap that most game designers struggle with.

I'll also teach you 2 of the 5-step framework that makes up the Audience Building step of the roadmap.
1/5 Positioning Is Key
If you don't position your game the right way... people won't really "get it".

Is it a 2-player traitor game? 
Is it a 4-6 player dungeon crawl?
Is it a 3-player push-your-luck game?
Is it a 2-player deckbuilder with expansions?

Go deeper with this and let people know what to expect in the game and who it should be for. 
For example, this should be illustrated through the artwork that you choose (family-friendly games shouldn’t have excessive blood and gore)

Make sure this is front and center. People don’t buy what they don’t understand.

It should be immediately clear to people reading your landing page, looking at your email, and going through your Kickstarter campaign what your game is and who it is for.
2/5 Understand Your Backer Numbers
It can be overwhelming to look at how many backers you need to bring to your campaign to get it funded. 

$10,000 goal and $30 game? That’s 334 backers.
$15,000 goal and $25 game? That’s 600 backers. 
On and on and on.

Let’s break it down into more tangible pieces, shall we?

First, start by figuring out how many people you have in your friends and family list. Those you can trust to back your project. 

Then, if you approach Kickstarter correctly and get funded quickly with your audience, Kickstarter will help push in ~15% of your total funding amount.

Then you’ll have exactly how many complete strangers your marketing efforts have to bring in.

For example: you find that you need 500 people to back your project to get funded.
You go through and note 75 friends and family who will back your project.
You know you’ll really engage the Kickstarter algorithm and anticipate another 75 people through that (about 15% of 500)
Now you need to find 350 internet strangers to back your project.

That’s just 2 of the 5-step framework that makes up the 
Audience Building section of the roadmap.

So What’s In The Roadmap And Why Is It Important?

Let’s go through each of them in more detail: what they are and why it’s important.
  • Marketing Strategy: This is the holistic overview of your marketing plan; what your strengths are, what successes you’ll be emulating, and how you’ll actually do it. This is crucial to know at the beginning of your project so you can focus on what matters most.
  • ​Game Development: Marketing happens earlier than you might think. The Kickstarter crowd loves to peek behind the scenes to see a project come to life so your marketing truly begins in this chaotic phase.
  • ​Audience Building: Your audience = your fans = your support = funding for your project. It’s important to know who they are, where to find them, and how to talk to them so you can best connect with them.
  • ​Email List: A list of qualified and interested fans has been proven time and again to be the number one driving force for getting funded on Launch Day. Needless to say, this is crucial.
  • ​​Networking: A lesser-known way to get the word out there is to individually connect with people within the community. If each person has 3,000 friends, imagine how many people will see your game the more people you network with and get to know.
  • ​Content Creation: There are a lot of ways to create content and a lot of types of content to create (no, not just artwork of your game or info about the mechanics). The way to make all of this work is through your unique marketing content. 
  • Social Media: Find the right communities on existing platforms and multiply your marketing efforts by getting worldwide reach. 
  • ​Advertising: Quickly target the right people en masse to drive attention towards your project. This will amplify your message to your interested audience.
  • ​Reviews/Previews: These third-party “influencers” help to build up credibility and trust through giving your game a nod to their fans. It’s another form of social proof that is crucial in this industry.
  • ​Track Your Data: Digital marketing gives a truckload of data. You won’t know what’s working unless you know what to be tracking and actually track it. 
  • ​​The Platform: There are nuances with the Kickstarter platform and what you can do with it that will help you maximize your chances of success.
  • ​​Launch Day: It’s not just the day you take your campaign live, but rather the start of a whole new marketing journey in itself. 
  • ​The Campaign: Marketing during the campaign is all about making sure people know your game and converting those “knowers” into “backers” by convincing them using various avenues.
A lot of this seems superfluous, but at the end of the day, everything that you do in these steps helps build up the “like, know, and trust” factor for you and your game and credibility for your publishing company.

If you want to take things one step further, I put together the Launch Marketing Roadmap Bundle.

Here’s What Is Inside

1. The Launch Marketing Roadmap Book
This book is 90+ pages. It takes the Marketing Tips I write every single week in the Kickstarter Board Game Marketing Group and organizes it into chronological marketing order. Not only that, but you’ll also see that these Marketing Tips are fleshed out in even more depth AND you get an Action Prompt in each chapter to guide your plan.

2. Action Prompts
Strategies are great and all, but it won’t mean much unless you can apply it to your own game. That’s why inside, you’ll also receive Action Prompts to guide you to act on each of the strategies you learn. This accompanies every single chapter you find.

3. The Launch Marketing Roadmap Workbook
This is meant to be used alongside the Launch Marketing Roadmap Book and provides space for you to get the work done. Read the strategy and Action Prompts in the Book and map out your own custom gameplan in the workbook. 

Bonus: 1-Hour Video Training Session
I held a 1-hour live video training session for those who grabbed a copy of the Launch Marketing Roadmap Bundle when it launched. In the training, we talked about project management for your launch, setting an adequate launch goal, the tabletop marketing model, utilizing the "know, like, and trust" factor in marketing, and more!

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  • This 90+ page ebook vastly expands on the Marketing Tips you’ve come to know and lays them out into a strategic step-by-step roadmap. 
  • ​Inside, you’ll also get Action Prompts to guide what you do after going through each segment of the roadmap.
  • ​The accompanying workbook provides a space for you to literally get the work done. Within its pages, you’ll find checklists, space to get creative with your marketing plan, and a way to keep track of your marketing.
  • ​Included 1-hour video training answers top questions from game designers and walks you through the how to start working on the materials within the bundle.

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